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Professional translations that elevate your brand and open up new markets.

Certified and Standard Translation

We offer certified translation services for all types of official documents, as well as standard translation services for all your corporate needs.

Certified Translation

A certified translation is a special type of translation required by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and by other government agencies when documentation is in a language other than English.

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  • USCIS Acceptance Guaranteed
  • 35 languages
  • In as little as 24 hours
  • ATA Certified

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Standard Translation

Professional human translation for all kind of documents. Excellent quality ideal for: legal contracts, employee manuals, business communications, blog posts, websites and e-commerce.

$0.12 / word

  • Professional human translation
  • 35 languages
  • Native translators
  • Excellent quality delivered fast

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Why You Need Professional Translations

By showcasing your brand, products and services in other languages you increase your market exposure in countries around the world.

A poor translation speaks poorly of your brand. Everyone looks better in custom-made clothing, and that is also true of translation. A professional translation by an expert linguist who knows the industry and culture guarantees that your message will be perfectly tailored to your company’s needs. Don’t allow your image and that of your company to be tarnished with the use of automated translation services that often lead to embarrassing mistakes.

Your Translation Always on Time

We know how important it is for your translation to be ready on time. Our experience allows us to guarantee on-time delivery for every project.

Confidentiality from Start to Finish

All projects are handled with the strictest confidentiality to protect your data and the content of your translation, regardless of whether that information is personal, commercial or legal.

Translation by People for People

While it is true that automatic translation systems have advanced in recent years, machine translation is not yet capable of capturing the cultural, contextual and technical nuances in every sentence the way a specialized translator can.

Translations That Get Results

Expanding into new markets can be a big challenge and properly introducing your product to each market is key to attracting new customers. An incorrect or poorly localized translation can make your brand less visible and reduce your ROI.

Run Your Business Worldwide

Promote Your Products Across the Globe

A large number of U.S.-based multi-national corporations (MNCs) already make more than 50% of their sales abroad. Small- and medium-sized enterprises may also find that foreign markets are more open and that they have fewer competitors, making it easier to sell their products and services.

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Not All Translations Are the Same

Technical and legal translations require specific terminology that guarantees the documents will serve their intended purpose. On the other hand, marketing material and web pages require a translation that new audiences can understand and that appeals to them.

At U.S. Language Services, we listen to your needs and assign each project to a translator with experience where you need it.

International Business

Translation is a fundamental part of launching your brand at the international level. English is only the third most spoken language in the world and it is essential to serve every customer in their own language.

Not Translating Is a Mistake That Could Cost You a Fortune

In markets like Russia, China and Latin America only a small percentage of the population speaks English. If you don’t introduce your products in the local language, you could lose millions of potential customers.

Financial Translation

Accurate financial translations are essential when filing your financial statements, directors’ reports, auditors’ reports, business plans, etc.

Figures and Terminology Are Critical

The nature of financial documents makes it imperative that all punctuation and figures be translated according to the target language. A comma or a decimal point can make all the difference.

Legal Translation

Proper legal translation is crucial when you have to submit documents to an official institution or court in another language. Types of documents that are frequently translated include: decrees, contracts, agreements, internal regulations, etc.

Different Languages and Different Legal Systems

Solid legal translation requires more than being able to speak two languages. Understanding the legal systems of both countries is critical in order to choose the proper terminology for the translation.

Human Resources

Being able to provide HR documents, such as employee manuals, workplace safety documents and training programs, in several languages helps to ensure equal opportunities in companies with an international presence or with employees of different nationalities.

Attract New Talent

Attracting talent is becoming increasingly important for companies that want to grow their international presence. Posting job offers in other languages will allow you to attract talented professionals from around the globe.

Real Estate

Properties are sold in an ever-expanding market and the right buyer could be anywhere. That is why it is crucial that your property listing be available to all your potential buyers in their own language.

The Ideal Buyer Could Be on the Other Side of the World

Thanks to the Internet, properties can now be promoted globally; however, a listing is not enough. You also have to facilitate the sale process, providing contracts and agreements in the buyer’s language.


Be it a corporate presentation or training or professional material in video format, proper subtitling of your content allows you to expand your audience to new markets.

Multiply the Number of Views

Video distribution channels are constantly publishing content and an increasing number of companies are choosing to promote their products using audiovisual resources. You can multiply the number of views of the same material exponentially by simply adding subtitles.


If you need to immigrate to the United States for professional, academic or family reasons, we can provide you with certified translations of all your documents for the USCIS with guaranteed acceptance.

Visas, Green Cards and Marriages

To process applications, USCIS requires certified translations of numerous documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, medical certificates, etc.


The translation of an academic article enables it to gain exposure and be analyzed and studied by an international audience. Academic translation requires an exhaustive level of revision to ensure that the final draft is ready for publication.

International Research and Projects

Academic translations always include a revision process in which the customer has the opportunity to provide their comments with regard to the vocabulary and technical terms specific to each field.


Shoppers are more willing to purchase from your online store if the descriptions and customer reviews are available in their language. Translating your online shop can multiply your sales.

Language Should Not Be a Barrier, It Should Be a Tool

A proper translation of each SKU and category in your online store will speed-up the buying process for your potential customers. You needn’t restrict the sale of your products to the national market.


Translating your marketing material requires adapting your message to different cultures. Be it SEO, newsletters or television, print or radio campaigns, your message should always target a specific audience.

A Literal Translation Is Not Enough

The reaction garnered by the same message can vary greatly depending on the country and culture. Despite the fact that Spanish is spoken in Mexico, Spain and Argentina, a brand like Coca Cola would never use the same language in these countries, and neither should you.


Companies have been creating training material for their employees for years. As your company expands its international presence, you have to provide this material — whether written or audiovisual — in different languages.

Reduce Costs by Taking Advantage of the Material You Already Have

Be it quizzes, videos or presentations, by translating your existing material you can take advantage of your past work and increase your audience.


Increasingly government, whether local, state or federal, must translate their communications for non-English speakers. In the tourism sector, this also increases the visibility and the appeal for international visitors.

One Country, Various Cultures

Because many residents are from other countries, it is essential to provide information and documents in other languages: press releases, forms, permits and licenses, municipal services, etc.


The arrival of the digital world has forever transformed the purchasing criteria in the tourist industry. Buyers increasingly choose their destination, hotel and activities directly and it is crucial that they be able to access this information in their own language.

Millions of Potential Tourists

By presenting your restaurant, bar, hotel, B&B, or entertainment business in multiple languages you can gain presence and potential customers at a reasonable price and with a single investment.

Export Investments Pay off Fast

Despite the initial investment, SMEs are able to amortize their investment and make a profit in a short period of time.

Time needed for exporter SMEs to obtain a ROI

Source: UPS Perceptions Of Global Trade Survey – 2016

Sell Your Products All over the World

E-commerce is a fundamental part of your company’s growth.

According to The International Trade Administration (ITA), a company with total annual sales of $0- $1 million can expect median sales growth of up to 137% from their e-commerce sales channels, or an increase of up to $729,927 in annual sales with a properly internationalized website.

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